The Stormont Papers
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About the Stormont Papers Project

The Documents

The Stormont Papers consist of 84 volumes printed from the start of the Northern Irish Parliament in 1921 to the end of Home Rule in 1972. Based on the model of British Hansard, the papers record the utterances of MPs sitting at the Stormont Parliament within the (first) period of Home Rule in Northern Ireland. There are only few surviving sets of complete volumes and most can only be consulted within their relevant library.

The volumes average roughly 1,100 pages per volume and each page has two columns of transcription. Beside the transcription, each volume has front matter (containing details of each of the Cabinet members, MPs and partliamentary officers for the year in question) and, at the back, an index of speakers, bills, etc. In total, there are around 92,000 pages and 74 million words.

The task of digitising and delivering the Papers was divided between the Arts and Humanities Data Service Executive (based at King's College London) and the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis (based at Queen's University Belfast). The former focused on the technical architecture, data and content modelling, text mark up, indexing and delivery of the resource; the latter was responsible for the data capture work.

Full documentation on the digitisation process will be appearing in late 2006.


At the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, Paul Ell was Director of the Project, while Elaine Yeates was the Project Manager. The Chief IT Officer was David Hardy, supported by Anthony Anderson and Karleigh Patterson. A major contribution has also been made by IT trainees working with the project's team. Ciaran Higgins researched the political bibliographies.

At the Arts and Humanities Data Service, Sheila Anderson acted as Chair of the Advisory Committee and Mark Hedges as Technical Authority, while Malcolm Polfreman was responsible for marking-up the text and Vijay Albuquerque for developing the software.

Thanks also to James Cummings and Valentina Notarberardino for advice on the mark-up.


Questions realting to content should be addressed via the website's email form. Due to the number of expected demands, please wait a couple of days before receiving a response. As the number of queries grows, a list of FAQs will be built.

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