The Stormont Papers
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The Stormont Papers Project - Help

There are numerous ways of accessing the Stormont Papers online


Users can enter standard words or phrases to search the combined subject index. If a phrase is entered, for example Civil Service, it will search for either use of service and civil. The default searches the combined subject index. A hyperlink takes users to the full-text search. Standard words can be used to search the full text of the volumes.

Users can use the boolean term AND for limiting searches. Belfast housing will bring back 8561 hits relating to either Belfast or Housing, whereas Belfast AND housing brings back 368 hits relating to both terms. Using the term surrounded by quotation marks, "Belfast housing" will bring back the 9 times that that exact phrase appears in the indices.

Clicking in the small square boxes underneath allows users to choose filters to get more precise results.

In particular, users are also encouraged to exploit the date ranges to narrow the range of search results. As there are over 92,000 pages and around 810 words per page, this approximates 74m words in the Papers in total. Entering a start year (e.g. "1936") and a finish year (e.g. "1938") will provide a more efficient search.

Using capital or lowercase letters makes no difference.


By clicking on the View Volumes button, it is possible to scan through each year's papers, in both textual and visual form. The arrows allow users to navigate between pages, and the boxes at the top right allow users to enter particular volume and page numbers.

Users may also browse the papers according to topic, person, bill, or roll. As with normal searches, users are encouraged to use the date ranges to concentrate the range of results on a particular period.

These indices have been put together by digitising the index provided at the back of each printed volume.


Users can also download the actual text of the papers and also the images of the original Stormont Papers. Up to 1 volume's worth of text can be downloaded at one time, although large quantities of text will take time to download. We are considering the best way to make high-resolution images available.

Note that any contents from the Stormont Papers website can only be used in a personal or educational context. Those wishing to make commercial use of the digital materials should contact the hosts of the website at the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

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