The Stormont Papers
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Volume 10 (1929) / Pages 1499 - 1500
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Volume 10 / Page 1499

[The Prime Minister]will guarantee that there are more working classes who want Proportional Representation done away with than would like to see it carried on any longer. (Hon. Members: Hear, hear). My hon. Friends who represent Labour in this HouseĆ¢??

Mr. BEATTIE: Who represents Labour on your side?

The PRIME MINISTER: Well, we all represent Labour. (Hon. Members: Hear, hear.) For those reasons and many others it would be quite impossible to take a longer adjournment. I think this was rather in the form of agreement yesterday amongst all parties that the 9th April would be a suitable date to which to adjourn.

Mr. DEVLIN: Might I point out that the Prime Minister is under a misapprehension? It was agreed that if we allowed this Bill to be completed to-day an adjournment till the 9th April would suit. But we have now come to the conclusion that, while that agreement stands, we should have a further adjournment in order to enable us to give consideration to those Bills that were in the King's Speech. Unless you intend to pass those Bills why did you put them into the King's Speech? Was it part of the camouflage or was it a real Parliamentary transaction? Perhaps the Chief Whip would tell us that.

Captain DIXON: I am very glad the hon. Member for West Belfast (Mr. Devlin) has stated that there was an agreement yesterday to adjourn till the 9th April. The hon. Member for East Belfast (Mr. Beattie) has said that I changed the date because I did not know my own mind. The date was changed by agreement with the leader of the Nationalist party and other hon. Members, and the fact of the matter is that it is really the hon. Member for East Belfast (Mr. Beattie) who does not know his own mind. (Hon. Members: Hear, hear).

Question, "That the words 'Tuesday, 9th April' stand part of the Question," put, and agreed to.

Resolved: "That this House at its rising this day, do adjourn until Tuesday, 9th April."

BILL PRESENTED. Unemployment Insurance (Transitional Provisions Amendment) Bill, "to amend sub-section (2) of section eighteen of the Unemployment Insurance

Act (Northern Ireland), 1928, by extending to twenty-four months the period of twelve months therein mentioned," presented by the Minister of Labour, supported by Mr. Gordon; to be read a Second time on Tuesday, 9th April, and to be printed. (Bill 5).

ORDERS OF THE DAY. House of Commons (Method of Voting and Redistribution of Seats) Bill.

As amended, considered.

Mr. BEATTIE: Could I put a point? I understand there is another small Bill that one of the Ministers desires to place before this House. Would it not be possible to give him that small Bill now?

Mr. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: No. It is necessary to give notice of intention to present a Bill. There is no such notice of intention upon the Order Paper.

Mr. DEVLIN: He could have had it last night without the slightest opposition.

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