The Stormont Papers
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Volume 2 (1922) / Pages 149 - 150
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Volume 2 / Page 150

c. 86): 2 (Short Title and Construction), ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Ordered: "That the Bill be reported forth-with without Amendment to the house Bill reported without Amendment to the House Resolved: "That the Bill be now read the third time and passed."

Ordered: "That the Clerk do carry the Bill to the Senate, and desire their concurrence."


Resolutions reported:

"That it is expedient to authorise a charge upon the Consolidated Fund in respect of the principal and interest of any loan raised by the Ministry of Finance, and upon moneys provided by Parliament in respect of the expenses incurred in connection therewith under powers to be conferred by an Act of this Session, and if any such loan is guaranteed by the Treasury of the United Kingdom in pursuance of any Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the aforesaid charge and any sinking Fund payments in respect of the loan shall have priority over any charges on the said Fund existing at the date of the Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom, and any sum due to the Treasury of the United Kingdom under such guarantee, together with interest thereon, shall be charged on the said Fund immediately after the charges in respect of the loan.

"That it is expedient to authorise the issue from the Consolidated Fund of any sums required for the purpose of temporary investment under the powers conferred by any Act of this Session.

"That it is expedient to authorise the charge upon the Consolidated Fund of any sums required to be issued by way of loan to the Council of any County, County Borough, or County District, Commissioners of a Town, or Guardians of a Poor Law Union, for a purpose for which such Council, Commissioners or Guardians have statutory power to borrow money and subject to any statutory conditions limiting that power."

Question: "That this House doth agree with the Committee in the said resolutions," put and agreed to.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. Barbour, Captain Dixon, and Mr. Burn. Exchequer Borrowing and Local Loans Bill "to empower the Ministry of Finance to raise money for certain purposes and to issue sums for local loans and for temporary investment" presented accordingly and read the First time; to be read Second time to-morrow, and to be printed.

CIVIL AUTHORITIES OF NORTHERN IRELAND (SPECIAL POWERS) BILL Considered in Committee [MR. MOLES in the chair]Clause I (Powers for preserving peace and maintaining order.)

1.รข??(1) The civil authority shall have power, in respect of persons, matters and things within the Jurisdiction of the Government of Northern Ireland, to take all such steps and issue all such orders as may be necessary for preserving the peace and maintaining order, according to and in the execution of this Act and the regulations contained in the Schedule thereto, or such regulations as may be made in accordance with the provisions of this Act (which regulations, whether contained in the said Schedule or made as aforesaid, are in this Act referred to as "the regulations")

Provided that the ordinary course of law and avocations of life and the enjoyment of property shall be interfered with as little as may be permitted by the exigencies of the steps required to be taken under this Act.

(2) For the purposes of this Act the civil authority shall be the Minister of Home Affairs for Northern Ireland, but that Minister may delegate, either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, all or any of his powers under this Act to any officer of police. and any such officer of police shall, to the extent of such delegation, be the civil authority as respects any part of Northern Ireland specified in such delegation.

(3) The Minister of Home Affairs shall have power to make regulations(a) for making further provision for the preservation of the peace and maintenance of order, and (b) for varying or revoking any provision of the regulations; and any regulations made as aforesaid shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, have effect and be enforced in like manner as regulations contained in the Schedule to this Act.

(4) All regulations made as aforesaid shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after they are made, and, if an address is presented to the Lord Lieutenant by either House within the next fourteen days during the session of Parliament after any such regulation is laid before it praying that the regulation may be annulled, the Lord Lieutenant may annul that regulation and it shall thenceforth be void, without prejudice to the validity of anything done there under, or to the power of making a new regulation; and regulations made as aforesaid shall not be deemed to be statutory rules within the meaning of Section I of the Rules Publication Act, 1893.

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