The Stormont Papers
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Volume 2 (1922) / Pages 1145 - 1146
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Volume 2 / Page 1145

I had not expressed my attitude with regard to the temperance question I would not have done my duty.

Question, "That this House do now adjourn," put, and agreed to.

Whereupon the House adjourned till Tuesday, 12th December, provided always that if it appears to the satisfaction of Mr. Speaker, after consultation with the Government, that the public interest requires

that the House should meet at any earlier time during the adjournment, Mr. Speaker may give notice that he is so satisfied, and thereupon the House shall meet at the time stated in such notice, and shall transact its business as if it had been duly adjourned to that time, pursuant to the Resolution of the House this day.

Adjourned at Twenty-five minutes before Four o'clock.


Thursday, 7th December, 1922.

The House which had stood adjourned since Friday, 27th October last met at Three of the Clock, Mr. SPEAKER in the Chair.


Londonderry Bridge Commissioners' Bill, As amended (in the Joint Committee) considered; read the Third time, and passed.

Ordered: That the Clerk do carry the Bill to the Senate and desire their concurrence. PAPERS PRESENTED TO PARLIAMENT.

MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS, Northern Ireland Winter Assize Order, 1922. (By Command.)

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION.(1) Rules made by the Ministry, with the approval of the Minister of Finance, for the payment of grants to Secondary Schools. (By Command.) To be printed. (2) Teachers Salaries Grant Rules (Statutory Rules and Orders of Northern Ireland, 1922, No. 53).

MINISTRY OF LABOUR. Report of the Railway Commission in Northern Ireland. (By Command.) To be printed.

MINISTRY OF FINANCE Regulations made by the Ministry, dated 29th September, 1922, relating to the Preparation, Issue, and Cancellation of Northern Ireland Treasury Bills. (By Act.)

MINISTRY OF LABOUR. Order to vary or amend the provisions of the Insurance Industry (Unemployment Insurance) Special Scheme, and to provide for consequential amendments as to rates of contributions and otherwise. (By Act.)

Adjournment of House.

Motion made and Question proposed: "That this House, at its rising this day, do adjourn till Tuesday next" (Captain Dixon.)

Mr. M'GUFFIN: Before we assent to that Resolution I would like to know how long the House is likely to sit next week, and if we are to expect any more important business than that already announced. I see the Imperial Parliament is rising about Thursday, and I would like to know if the sittings of this House will continue beyond that date.

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